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Let’s say goodbye to 2022 with a delicious dinner, and delightful drinks in Budapest. Why not? Are you a big fan of tasty bites and beautiful cocktails? We are here to help you to give you a chance to eat your way into 2024. Special dinner in the heart of the city with music, or

Little party never killed nobody. Looking for the best NYE Parties in Budapest?   We are here to recommend the best parties in the city. Whether you are a big fan of ruin bars with tremendous dancefloors, or you love fancy prestigious clubs of Budapest. Give yourself and your friends a night to remember in

Budapest is one of the best choices if you are planning a winter European vacation. You will definitely not be disappointed if you visit this wonderful city with the traditional delicious Hungarian Christmas food, the intimate atmosphere of the Christmas fairs in the city will surely dazzle you. One of the defining elements of the

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Budapest has a thousand faces, if not more, but one of the most beautiful and cozy is the view looking from the Danube’s water. On New Year’s Eve, the sky is full with fireworks, and the Parliament, the MÜPA, the Gellért Hotel, the Buda Castle and the iconic buildings are reflected from the water surface.

New Year’s Eve is a global celebration and you’ll find a party happening on every continent. With so many exciting spots, the only issue is choosing where to celebrate. Here are five places where you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable NYE experience.   Scotland – Edinburgh Crazy dancing in the streets, fabulous fireworks display at midnight,

  In many countries, New Year’s celebrations begin on the evening of December 31—New Year’s Eve—and continue into the early hours of January 1. Revelers often enjoy meals and snacks thought to bestow good luck for the coming year. Denmark Residents of Denmark greet the New Year by throwing old plates and glasses against the

Amazing Somloi Galuska is one of the most famous Hungarian desserts. It was first made for the World Exhibition of 1958 in Brussels by Jozsef Bela Szocs. It won the professional price and became very popular all over Hungary. The confectioner gave the name to the cake, which comes from the name of the hill,

One of the must-do feasts of the Christmas festive table is the poppy seed bread pudding, the mákos guba. Mákos guba is one of the most delicious Christmas dessert in Hungary. Although consumed almost every season of the year.  The combination of soft poppy seed bread with vanilla custard is simply amazing. If you go to

Chocolatey cocoa swirls, puffy dough and a sprinkle of powdered sugar – this is the divine kakaós csiga (literally cocoa snail or cocoa rolls), the childhood favourite of all Hungarians. The baked wonder was invented by Mór Pösch, a confectioner in Göd, in 1908, who originally called the dessert chocolatey twirl (csokoládés tekerge). He made


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