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The River Danube, a majestic watercourse weaving through Europe’s heart, recently made headlines as it burst its banks in Budapest, reaching its highest levels since 2013. The unexpected winter floods were a result of heavy rain and snow, followed by mild weather – a combination that triggered an unusual surge in water levels, peaking at

Winter in Budapest transforms the city into a magical wonderland, offering a plethora of festive activities and charming experiences that warm the heart even on the coldest days. As the temperatures drop, the Hungarian capital comes alive with a myriad of winter programs that captivate locals and visitors alike. From enchanting Christmas markets to the

Advent Feast

As the winter winds begin to whisper across the historic city of Budapest, a symphony of festive joy echoes through the air. At the heart of this enchanting celebration stands the Advent Feast at the Basilica, a Christmas market that has captured the essence of the season for the fourth consecutive time, earning the prestigious

Christmas Light Trams and Buses Illuminate Budapest’s Holiday Season Budapest, renowned for its stunning architecture and rich history, undergoes a mesmerizing transformation during the holiday season. While the city rarely experiences a blanket of snow, it radiates a festive and magical ambiance, thanks to one of its iconic features – the Christmas light trams. Embarking

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, Budapest comes alive with a palpable sense of anticipation, marking the beginning of a new year filled with promise and potential. Hungarians, with their rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions, approach the concept of New Year’s resolutions with a unique blend of superstition, optimism, and a commitment

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, there are countless ways to do it, but few can compare to the unforgettable experience of a New Year’s Eve boat cruise in Budapest. Picture this: a 5-hour journey on the Danube River, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of Budapest, illuminated under the starry night sky.

The renovated Lánchíd has opened On the afternoon of December 16, the ceremonial press event took place at the bridgehead of the Chain Bridge in Buda, which was held on the occasion of the opening of the renewed roadway of the Chain Bridge with BKK bus routes, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds. As can be

The award winning Christmas Market of Budapest   Budapest’s most famous Christmas Market has proved yet again and won the title as the best Christmas market of Europe for the third time. In the online voting competition of the European Best Destination travel portal, before the festive events of 21 major European cities, including Madrid,

Top 5 best spots in Budapest to enjoy the panoramic scenery Budapest is full of panoramic viewpoints – thanks to the hilly Buda side and the flat Pest side, the natural settings of the Hungarian capital offer a great number of places to visit. As we are reaching the end of the year, we are


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