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There is a saying in Hungary that goes something like this: ’Luck man has the pork’.
 So, again, what should we do to make sure that we’ll be lucky enough the coming year? Actually, eating pork is as important as eating lentil, when it comes to the topic of luck. It is crucial, however, that

Maybe superstition, maybe a tradition but there are many habits in Hungary on New Year’s Eve, which should be keep in mind because all of them are affect our whole year according to the beliefs. Let’s see what kind of habits are the most common in this holiday: Let’s say goodbye to the Past Year

According to the Hungarian tradition it has significance of what we eat and think during the first day of the Year. Eating lentil soup on the first day of the New Year is one of the most common habits in our country. Lentil is the symbol of coins, so with every little piece consumed, hopefully

Join us in greeting the new year at a truly impressive location: in the middle of Budapest, rocked by the waves of the Danube. Step on board with us on the last day of 2017 at 9 PM and when we dock at the end of the night, it will be 2018. During the trip,

♡ NYE 18 Budapest – The Biggest Club New Year’s Eve in the city ♡ 4 dancefloor, 4 music type, 15 Dj, 5000 party people ♕ Let’s celebrate New Years Eve in a fantastic party atmosphere to open 2017 on the very best way ever at NYE 17 Budapest – The Biggest Club New

  IN 2017: Be part of an authentic Hungarian New Years‘ Eve celebration! We welcome our guests with a colorful program and a big variation of food and beverages. The venue is one of the oldest and most beautiful building, the so-called „Márványmenyasszony ház“. Buy your discount tickets here: During the evening, the musical

THIS YEAR:   LAST YEAR: Let us welcome the new year together on a boat, in the middle of Budapest! Come on board on the last day of 2017 at 9pm and leave the fantastic voyage in 2018. Buy your discount ticket now: During the trip there is an unlimited amount of alcohol, buffet

There are countless reasons why hotels are operating almost 98% occupancy in the holiday season. Budapest became one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists. Why? Budapest takes a prominent place in the list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Andrássy Avenue’s magnificent landscaping, the Vörösmarty Square pavilion fair, the spectacular view of the

Year after year there is almost no snow in Budapest so the “white” Christmas mood of the ancient past begins to fade away. But this changed weather also has its own beauty. While in previous years usually cold temperature and winds dominated our weather in December, this year we probably have a lot more time