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How do you imagine your New Year’s night in Budapest? Do you want a cultural experience, some romance, or maybe you’re into the craziest party this night? In New Year’s Eve it’s impossible to get bored in Budapest, because the various places and restaurants are preparing for the holidays months before to ensure that everybody

Fisherman’s soup or halászlé  is a hot, spicy paprika-based river fish soup, originating as a dish of Hungarian cuisine, a bright-red hot soup prepared with generous amounts of hot paprika and carp or mixed river fish, characteristic for the cuisines of the Pannonian Plain, particularly prepared in the Danube and Tisza river regions. With its

Szaloncukor is a traditional Hungarian Christmas candy, a real Hungarikum which means that this candy is special, unique and only characteristic of Hungary. It was originally made of fondant, covered by chocolate. It’s wrapped in shiny coloured foil, then hung on the Christmas tree as decoration by using strings or small metal hooks. Thecandy‘s name

Citizens, Beigli (sometimes spelled Bejgli) is a delicious Hungarian Christmas treat. This pastry is ubiquitous around Christmastime, you can buy it in practically any shop or bakery. Both walnut (diós) and poppy seed (mákos) bejgli are traditional. In Hungarian cuisine the rolls, one with each filling, are traditionally served together. The combination is known as

Every nation has its own habits and traditions, which are an integral part of the national consciousness. Celebrating the New Year always leads to noise and loud singing by which we take all the worries and sorrows of the past year. Also the gastronomical traditions leads to wealth, luck and happiness in many countries. There

Budapest from a new perspective Fact is that Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. In addition to that there is no other sight and experience as a boat trip in the Danube. Especially in winter it is worth participating in a sightseeing tour, because we can see Budapest’s fabulous sight in the afternoon

Think about how you want to spend the year and act accordingly the first day. It is not advisable to lust or argue this day! Do not cut with scissors! On this day, you should not use scissors because it’s bad luck! (cut luck in half) Don’t take anything out from your home Make sure

There is a saying in Hungary that goes something like this: ’Luck man has the pork’.
 So, again, what should we do to make sure that we’ll be lucky enough the coming year? Actually, eating pork is as important as eating lentil, when it comes to the topic of luck. It is crucial, however, that

Maybe superstition, maybe a tradition but there are many habits in Hungary on New Year’s Eve, which should be keep in mind because all of them are affect our whole year according to the beliefs. Let’s see what kind of habits are the most common in this holiday: Let’s say goodbye to the Past Year


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