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The best ice skating rinks in Budapest   Everybody loves ice skating – the Christmas themed skating rinks, the lovely holiday melodies and the scent of mulled wine creates the perfect atmosphere. We have collected Budapest skating rinks for this season where you can skate outdoors, at Christmas markets or indoors. Skating rinks in Budapest!

Of course, it’s completely unbelievable, but a year has flown by again and soon New Year’s Eve, the ball season, and with it the time for parties, special programs and wine dinners will be here. Regardless of how eventful this year was, almost everyone likes to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the

3 tips for welcoming the New Year for water lovers Do you love it when, in addition to New Year’s Eve champagne, the water also fizzes around you? Would you like to end the new year with a pleasant spa experience? New Year’s Eve wellness, a pleasant cruise or a really special night bath? We

A New Year’s Eve alternative for true connoisseurs Our everyday lives are typically less influenced by superstitions, customs, and folk traditions, but there are some holidays in the year when we like to indulge in these fads. New Year’s Eve is such a holiday, which cannot pass without fish, cabbage and lentils. But don’t be

New Year’s Eve at home or in town? Nah, that’s in the city! We have collected for you the best programs that Budapest promises for New Year’s Eve 2022! Whether it’s a romantic cruise, dinner, night spa party or concert, you’ll find everything you need for New Year’s Eve planning in this collection! New Year’s

This is how we relax from Christmas fatigue on New Year’s Eve! It doesn’t matter whether we spend this year’s New Year’s Eve alone, with friends or with family, this year we want to say goodbye to the old year in a memorable way and welcome the new one in a cheerful atmosphere. But what

What do you need for the perfect New Year’s Eve party? Insoles matching high heels, glitter, make-up items, bow ties, funny costumes, confetti, trombones are selling out from the store shelves at a crazy pace. What could this period be other than the feverish preparations for New Year’s Eve? After the hustle and bustle of

Apart from New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of Hungarian traditions in connection with the celebration of the New Year. Most of these are linked to old superstitions or beliefs and can vary between each household. These so-called superstitions have been weaving the Hungarian lives for over centuries. Most superstitions in gastronomy are surrounded by

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Are you planning to visit the Hungarian capital during winter? Let us help you, and check out what are the best places to visit during your stay in Budapest! Budapest can offer a lot to its visitors and residents during the winter period as well. Apart from these winter activities, we collected some of the

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We will update the website soon with our new offers for the New Year's Eve of 2022.