Best New Year's Eve Parties in Budapest

Where to go in New Year's Eve in Budapest?


Join us and find the perfect NEW YEARS' EVE PARTY in Budapest. Celebrate the start of 2020 in the newest and most exclusive night spots of Budapest! Revelers from all around the world! Come and join the biggest and sexiest Party Capital of Europe and Celebrate the new year's eve together with the coolest nightlife audience in Budapest.

Traditional Hungarian NYE Buffet Dinner with Unlimited Drinks & Two After Party at Symbol

This is going to be one of the biggest hits in town, so we urge you to join us at this special experience that takes your breath away!

NYE 19 Budapest - The Biggest Club New Year's Eve in the city

Let’s celebrate the New Year’s Eve in a fantastic party atmosphere to open 2019 on the very best way ever

Symbol - White Angel 2019 New Years Eve - VIP Bookings

VIP Entrance + VIP Table, 2 Exclusive New Years Eve Party


Spend the new year’s eve with a romantic boat trip on river Danube!

Musical New Year’s Eve Budapest 2019 – at Marriott Hotel

We are inviting you for a spectacular and unique variety show with world-known hits, latin music and songs from famous musicals.

Budapest New Year – Spend New Years Eve in Hungary

On the last day of the year in Budapest there won’t be a single person bored, since the whole city celebrates. Restaurants, clubs, bars and theatres are all open and Budapest New Year is 100% percent ready to give the public an unforgettable experience.

What do to in Budapest on New Year’s Eve? – Best of Budapest New Year Programs

On New Year’s Eve the theatres put on the classics, the shows that are wildly popular. The audience will have the opportunity to see the Nutcracker, Play It Again, Sam!, or the Hungarian classic ‘Pál utcai fiúk’. The popular guys of the ‘Dumaszínház’ will be on stage too on several locations all over the city.

Cruising on the Danube is one of the most popular activities on this evening. The dinner that is followed by a traditional dance is super fun. After finishing the traditional menu of the night, the fireworks all over the sky will guarantee a treat. Basically you have the option here to sail into the new yea – truly a remarkable experience!

Keeping the traditions are important so naturally we have several folklore related activities to offer on New Year’s Eve. This way, foreign visitors have the option to understand the culture a little bit more as well, which is definitely fun and inspiring – perfect to bring your guests and have them immersed in the local culture!

The restaurants have their own way of preparation. Most of them have musicians playing so that the mood of the evening is special – next to the traditional cuisine. It is worth reserving a table on time, since the evening is really busy. The high end restaurants are especially on demand, so it is advisable to plan it wisely.

You can’t have New Year’s Eve without a ball. These special events are being held in high end, luxury hotels. On this special evening you will surely find the best champagne, great music and a classy audience.

Clubs are usually very crowded, since most of them offer special treats. From retro to contemporary electronic music you can find anything in the city. There won’t be a shortage of great events surely, so every one of us can enjoy the night according to our own taste.

When it comes to concerts, there are many to choose from. Mága Zoltán, Presser Gábor, the Budapest Jazz Orchestra and Kowalsky meg a Vega will perform as well.

We wish you a very happy New Year, wherever you will be when the clock strikes at midnight!

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