New Year’s Eve Dinner in Budapest

Budapest New Years Eve dinner menu is based on traditions. Wherever you will eat your last supper of the year, the concept of it is pretty similar. Although all chefs have their own take on the traditions and of course have their own taste, the basics are the same everywhere. There are no exceptions when it comes to restaurants, all of them will prepare a great deal for the event.

Are you a real gourmet? Or do you simply love a good meal and have a taste of Hungarian traditions?

We are sure you’ll find the right experience for you for New Year’s Eve dinner in Budapest.

Go classy at New Years Eve while in Budapest

New Year’s Eve can be celebrated in many ways: you can get a little crazy at a New Years Eve party or you can enjoy a relaxing dinner with fantastic food and good company.
To all those who choose the latter, you are at the perfect place! What could be more stylish than a gala dinner at a Budapest venue on New Year’s Eve?

In 2020, New Year’s Eve dinners and parties in Budapest were cancelled. For this reason, New Year’s Eve in 2023 will be extra special, being a perfect opportunity to celebrate with a delicious dinner in the heart of Budapest with your loved ones and friends.

The most romantic New Year’s Eve program

After the Christmas days with the family, it just feels so good to spend some relaxing quality time with our significant other. Cooking at home is surely romantic, but have you tried one of the fantastig gala dinners in Budapest on New Year’s Eve?
Reserve your table for New Year’s Eve!

As New Year’s Eve dinners are one of the most sought after programs of the year, reservation is not only recommended, but a must! Most restaurants accept only those guests who have booked their tables / bought their tickets in advance. Don’t miss your chance, reserve now!

So what’s on the menu?

Most Hungarian restaurants serve traditional Hungarian New Year’s Eve dishes at the last dinner of the year.

The meal usually starts with wine tasting and champagne. The best wines are being served matching the food on the table, making sure that they are in perfect harmony. At midnight, we cheer with French champagne.

According to the old Hungarian traditions, on New Year’s Eve pork is not allowed, but fish, rabbit, deer and poultry: these animals will run away, fly away and swim away with all the troubles of the year.

In some places, live music is being played during the evening and the night, so we can enjoy some great songs or even dance while enjoying the fantastic flavors during the New Year’s Eve programme.

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners are for those who are seeking exclusive enjoyment. Why not? – It is New Year’s Eve after all!

Going gourmet on New Year’s Eve

Thematic New Year’s Eve menus are in fashion in both the international and the Hungarian gastro scene, where the dinner menu consists of special meals.

Hungary offers a great variety of talented Hungarian chefs who will amaze you with fantastic New Year’s Eve menus.

To those who would try something else than champagne, we offer exclusive wine tasting dinners for New Year’s Eve.

Going for dinner on New Year’s Eve is a perfect program for those who want to stay away from loud parties, but do not want to miss the fun and delicious meals on the last night of the year. Book your table, and the festive mood is guaranteed!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Browse around the page to find many different options like New Year’s cruises and other outdoor programs to make the last night of the year an unforgettable one while in Budapest.


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