Budapest New Year Party – NYE Parties and Clubs

New Year’s Eve Parties in Budapest

There is an abundance of New Year’s Eve programs in Budapest for those who prefer to celebrate the last night at on of the crazy parties of the capital. Fireworks, music and guaranteed fun: New Year’s Eve Parties in Budapest are waiting for you in 2023!

We’re leaving behind two difficult years now. New Year’s Eve programs were all cancelled in 2020, so this year it’s time to make up for that missing NYE party from last year too!

The capital of Hungary has a very particular vibe after dark. The clubs in the downtown party district, the sight of the parliament, the Buda Castle and the bridges that cross the river Danube in night lights: these memories will stay with all those who experience the New Year’s Eve in Budapest.

Fantastic programs can be found in various locations in Budapest. Dive into the wide range of New Year’s Eve programs so that you can celebrate the last night of the year with tremendous joy and fun!

When it comes to partying late, Budapest is a great choice, especially on New Year’s Eve. For this reason, you can find below a list for budapest new year party venues. All of these will offer you a unique night out in order to say goodbye the proper way to the year of 2023.

New Year’s Eve parties in Budapest

In the selection you will find clubs that offer a glimpse into the more underground stlye of the nightlife in the city when it comes to music and the audience, but also a good list of clubs that are more classy, fancy and usually have pop music on. This way you will have the freedom of choice and you can be certain to pick the one closest to your own taste. 

However, in order to be sure, we’d suggest to check the exact budapest new year party program before actually committing. Another tip would be to buy tickets in advance, since the whole city is out on that evening, not to mention the great influx of tourists, so it is better to be prepared. Of course, it is also a good idea to avoid cueing, as much as possible.

Underground Clubs:

  • Aether
  • Tesla Budapest
  • Larm
  • A38
  • Akvárium Klub

More Mainstream Clubs:

  • Doboz
  • Ötkert
  • Instant
  • Hello Baby
  • Romkert
  • Cafe del Rio
  • Peaches and Cream Club
  • Budapest Park
  • Toldi Klub
  • 4BRO downtown
  • GMK
  • Fogas Ház


  • Bálna Terasz
  • Szimplakert
  • Holdudvar
  • 360 Bar
  • Anker’t romkocsma
  • Nemdebár
  • Trapéz Kultikocsma
  • Klub Vittula

We will update the website soon with our new offers for the New Year's Eve of 2022.