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  Budapest takes a prominent place in the list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Andrássy Avenue’s magnificent landscaping, the Vörösmarty Square pavilion fair, the spectacular view of the night sky and the wellness and spas throughout the winter, Hungary and Budapest still boast something much more valuable than being still a safe destination

Year after year there is almost no snow in Budapest so the “white” Christmas mood of the ancient past begins to fade away. But this changed weather also has its own beauty. While in previous years usually cold temperature and winds dominated our weather in December, this year we probably have a lot more time

Perhaps there is not another celebration that has so much mystic and tradition as the New Year’s Eve. Every nation handles the New Year in a special way, which is true for Hungary as well. From a gastronomic point of view, however there is a special importance to the meals and drinks consumed at New

Budapest is one of Europe’s most impressive cities. Just walking through the streets is a real luxury for even the most inquisitive traveler. With history and culture around every corner and a competitive currency exchange rate for the euro, visiting this city will always have its perks. Listed below are some of the most interesting

Often referred to as the Pearl of the Danube, or The Heart of Europe, these warm and rich labels sit at the core of Budapest. It’s rich in history and heritage, yet full of a youthful energy and vibrancy. A fizzing nightlife, great restaurants and a diversity of activities that include relaxing river cruises and thermal baths, ice skating, exploring

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A popular article about Budapest from “I recently spent a week in Hungary and thought I’d help my fellow travelers out who plan on visiting Budapest. First of all, I don’t know why Budapest isn’t included in more “Eurotrip” conversations. I’m already putting it on my list of favorite European cities. Very underrated, very safe,

Why Budapest is the most romantic city in the world? Instesad of to describe it, we would prefer to show in pictures from @Budapest_Hungary Budapest instagram photo blog. The best panorama terrace in Budapest Bálna Terasz (Whale Terrace) Photo: Krisztian Bodis Photo: Tamas Rizsavi The romantic Szechenyi bath. Eat bagel & drink mulled wine at

According to the data of, the Hungarian capital city stands on the 12th place on the list of the most popular European cities for New Year’s Eve. The survey also shows that the Hungarians are mostly looking for four-star hotels in the last part of the year, reports The capital was in the

Not only bachelor/hen parties are popular in Budapest, the film industry knows well the possibilities and ideal properties of the Hungarian capital, so they use the city for shooting a lot of movies. And that’s why hollywood celebrities are welcomed in Budapest’s clubs and restaurants. They love to relax in the wonderful luxury hotel rooms,


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