Évi Sári and Krisztián Károlyi

Évi Sári – There are excellent singers and actors and there are performers who have some additional plus.  In case of Évi Sári, her personality and her charm is the plus making her a star singer in the leading roles of numerous musicals; Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, Chess, Vampire Ball, Sister Act, etc.

Krisztián Károlyi – It would be hard to enumerate all he roles, leading parts played and sung by the young tenor, Krisztián Károlyi, be that pop, rock, or musical.  His range of voice is extremely wide and we are sure that our guests will appreciate his talent.

The dance ensemble: Budapest Dance Art Studio

The Budapest Dance Art Studio enthrall their audience wherever they set their foot on stage.
We have reason to believe it will be the same on New Year’s Eve.
Lead choreographer: Péter Bogdán.

The music band: ZERO Music Band

The Zero Music Band has been entertaining for many years the international and domestic audience with their repertoire from retro to international hits.