Gala Dinner Menu

Welcome Drink
Champagne, soft drink

Foie Gras Experience – Duck liver confit with thyme, Truffle goose liver terrine,
Red wine onion chutney, Fresh fig, Orange milk-bread toast

Guinea-Fowl essence, Brunoise vegetables, Aromatised with Brandy

Main course
Young veal & Jumbo shrimp on the top, Crescent potato,
Green pea cream, Baby carrots, and Shimeji mushrooms caramelized on butter

Ginger honey cake mousse & Belcolade chocolate ganache,
with Dried Prunes in „Szatmári pálinka”, and orange emulsion

Midnight Menu
Hungarian Sauerkraut Soup
Traditional New Year’s Eve Boiled Lentils
Roast crispy pork with cumin, Hungarian cabbage
Crunchy Frankfurter sausage
Potato salad with mayonnaise
Hungarian Selection of Cheese, with walnut and grape

Drinks included in your ticket price:

  • Several types of whiskeys, cognacs, liqueurs, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, pálinka, vermouth
  • Cocktails
  • A glass of Champaign for the New Year Celebration

Quality white, rosé and red wine selectionVarsányi Winery Grand Selection
Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Egri Cabernet Sauvignon, Egri Sauvignon Blanc

  • Beer
  • Fruit juices and soft drinks, mineral water
  • Coffee, tea

Cocktail bar opens at 21:00
Drinks offered in the ballroom and at the cocktail bar may be consumed without limitation for free during the course of the event. Any other orders are to be paid as per the prices of the hotel.