The Dinner Menu

L=Lactose free, G=Gluten free, V=Vegetarian

Salad Offers

  • Farfalle salad with ’Mangalica’ (Pig), salami and dried tomatoes L
  • Salad with two dressings G, L
  • Green Bean Salad with tomato and mushroom  G, V, L

Hot dishes with matching side dishes served on platters

  • Pork in spicy yogurt, grilled pumpking with dill G
  • Rump with vegetable cream sauce with dumplings
  • Wined Chicken leg fillet with ham, parenica cheese sauce and vegetable bulgur
  • White cod fillet with lemon- butter sauce

Vegetarian offers

  • Homemade noodles with flap mushroom and cheese V

Vinegars, balsams and dressings for out cold and hot dishes

  • Extra virgin olive oil, red and white vinegars, dill-yoghurt dressing, thousand islands dressing, fresh herbs and lemon

Mixed bakery goods



  • Savory Chocolate mousse with fresh fruits
  • Strudels (Apple, Cherry, Cottage cheese)
  • Fresh fruits in cup G, V, L